Case Study: G-Guide – Guide to Global Standards of Health & Safety at Exhibitions and Conferences

The G-Guide is a collaborative initiative involving some of the world’s leading event organisers. The G-Guide is designed to share health and safety best practices, driving the improvement of standards for exhibitions and conferences worldwide.

To achieve the goal of global knowledge sharing, the G-Guide is required to be universally accessible: free to download, available to any event organiser, and translated into multiple languages.

For the G-Guide to succeed, the accuracy and content of the translation were critical, which is why the team behind G-Guide entrusted TranslateAble with the project.

Corina Hedley, Safety, Security and Operations Director at Hyve Group, explains:

“There are many language service providers out there, but we struggled to find a partner that we could truly trust to handle the intricacies and technicalities of this critical project. There are several technical elements and numerous appendices that make this quite a complex endeavor. However, my main concern was that both the language of health and safety and the exhibition industry are nuanced, and we required a team of translators whom we could trust not only to translate the G-Guide accurately but also in context. Ultimately, the project would fail if the documentation weren’t right.” 

The G-Guide was translated from English to Brazilian Portuguese utilising the skills of a native Brazilian Portuguese translator who specialised in Health & Safety. The translation was then reviewed by another native Brazilian Portuguese speaker whose experience in the event industry ensured that the correct terminology had been used throughout – something many other agencies would have no experience in handling (e.g., “space only,” “build-up,” etc.).

“We were thrilled to work with the TranslateAble team. Their knowledge of the event industry is unrivalled, and their years of event operational experience were invaluable for this project. It meant that the team didn’t require any clarifications on the project, its wider content or on the specific event terminology. From the very beginning of the process, they were extremely efficient, and we encountered no issues. We could trust that they were able to match the high quality of translation we needed to succeed.”

“The results were fantastic, and the project ran smoothly. They will always be my first point of contact for future projects, and I hope to work with Julia and the TranslateAble team again in the future.”


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