Event Supplier Case Study: Explori

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TranslateAble is not only a supplier to exhibition organisers but also extends its services to other suppliers within the events industry. By partnering with TranslateAble, these suppliers can deliver a better quality of experience for organisers, exhibitors, and attendees alike.

Explori, the leading research and insights partner for the exhibition industry, is one such partner. In 2022, Explori switched from one of the biggest language agencies in the world to working with TranslateAble due to the high quality of TranslateAble’s work.

Mitch Deeming, Head of Operations and Customer Success, described how their previous language partner had mistranslated several key exhibition words and phrases. TranslateAble has since translated Explori’s clients’ post-show surveys into multiple languages, including Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, and German. This has significantly increased the volume of feedback Explori’s clients receive, allowing them to communicate effectively with their stakeholders and improve the success of their shows.

Mitch Deeming shares why TranslateAble has become Explori’s language partner of choice:

“In the past, we used a couple of translation agencies, some of which were truly low price and low quality. This becomes a challenge when we don’t have a native speaker in the Explori team, but the client does. There’s no worse feeling than taking on the translation project management only to find that the translation service you’ve entrusted to deliver for your client has actually used Google Translate. While we have people in the team who speak many languages here at Explori, it’s invaluable to have the experience of a native speaker who can understand the specific event industry terms and flag issues that might arise. For example, we once had the word ‘stand’ translated into ‘footstool’. I’ve even experienced event names being translated poorly.

With previous language service suppliers, we had received pushback from clients, but now we don’t receive any negative feedback, which is, for us, a resounding success. We now have confidence in the translation work we’re providing for our clients, and it really has taken the pain away. It has enabled us to quote for projects that we wouldn’t have previously taken on, knowing that TranslateAble is able to deliver to such a high standard.

I’ve recently put TranslateAble through a particularly challenging time trying to get a project over the line. Julia has been a blessing to work with, acting like an extension of our team. There is a level of care that, as a client, we receive that we don’t get from other language suppliers.

It’s reassuring to be able to trust a partner and know that they understand the event industry, taking context and care into account. The engagement with the wider Explori team has been so helpful, allowing me to remove myself as the single point of contact for any project. Working with TranslateAble is very straightforward, with clear processes and the ability to meet tight deadlines, sometimes with a very short turnaround time. The TranslateAble attitude is very much ‘don’t worry, we’ve got you’, which is something you really appreciate in any supplier.”


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