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Interpreting - Language Services for Business Events in the UK - TranslateAble

Communicate effectively with your target audience.

Localisation - Language Services for Business Events in the UK - TranslateAble

Tailor your content specifically to your audience.

Subtitling - Language Services for Business Events in the UK - TranslateAble

Improve the accessibility of your content with subtitling.

Translation - Language Services for Business Events in the UK - TranslateAble

Capture and engage a wider audience with translation.

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Bring Your Event Community Together Through Language Services

Many companies choose to rely on their own staff whose 1st language isn’t English, to be more inclusive, translate their documents internally or use a free machine translator (ough). This is unlikely if your company rely on its internal team for translation, as they may not be familiar with the nuances of the cultural context, the target language and the subject matter of each translation. This, however, is likely to produce errors in translation that could damage your company’s reputation…

There’s a better way to grow your event business! So what do you do? Luckily, you still have the possibility to choose between relying on your own staff in-house (ouch!) or hire an Event Language Agency.

Are you curious about how TranslateAble could help you and think one of the above services could be useful for you? Can you relate to any of the following:

  1. You have multi-national stakeholders and need information, such as seminars, websites and contracts, in a language they’re comfortable with.
  2. You want to be more accessible/inclusive.
  3. You want to provide better customer service to stakeholders.
  4. You want to attract more visitors and exhibitors by appealing to them in their mother tongue.
  5. You want to improve safety by ensuring everyone can understand your regulations.
  6. You have an international team and would like them to have documents in their language.
  7. You want to be seen as a truly global company.


Transcribe your audio and video content to make it more accessible TranslateAble

Here’s how TranslateAble will help your business grow

TranslateAble is here to help you create meaningful connections by speaking your audience’s languages and delivering your intended message to their local markets.

Ensure that your content is understood by an international audience.

Make your content accessible and inclusive, for the hearing impaired for example.

Elevate your event to maximise your ROI.

Make your audience feel at home with you.

We help you

Use your time wisely

Save time AND money by using our global team of qualified linguists.  TranslateAble helps companies and individuals communicate with their communities globally, through expert language services, including Translation, Interpreting, Transcription, Live Captioning and Subtitling in any language.

We help you

Create meaningful connections

By working with a language agency, your attendees get to enjoy your content in their mother tongue. It’s key that all attendees have the ability to engage with the content in a language they’re comfortable and confident with.

We help you

Speak your audience's languages

Just like events, the main purpose of a language agency is to bring people together and break down the barriers between them. All the services we offer are services we have sourced, contracted and managed during our life as event organisers. This means we have sight of both sides of the coin. We have the deep knowledge, experience and understanding that means we are able to find optimum solutions tailored to your needs.

We are from the event and exhibition industry. We understand how it works.

TranslateAble understands the need for flexibility. Events are not Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, so neither are we. No matter the day of the week or the time of day, we are here to support you on those unexpected jobs. We understand the importance of deadlines. We will work with you to create tailor-made solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Why work with us

We are members of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA), so we abide by both language AND event industry codes of conduct. This means that  standards and processes of both industries are adhered to, ensuring you get the service you need. 

Our founder is a trained and qualified translator with over 25 years of language industry experience, from working as a translator to negotiating event related contracts and managing global event teams in non-native languages.

About us

One agency for the whole company

Marketing and Conference Producers

Attract more visitors to your event!

Focus on your strengths and let your lead-generating content reel in your audience in their mother tongue. TranslateAble helps you to get content such as seminars, websites, email campaigns, brochures and more in a language your audience is comfortable with.


Let your prospects come to you!

You have multi-national stakeholders and want to be seen as a truly global company? TranslateAble can help you increase return on investment tenfold by translating, localising, interpreting, subtitling, or live captioning. Whatever the service, it will always be perfectly customised for your business.


Don’t get lost in translation.

You have an international team or exhibitors and would like them to have documents in their language? TranslateAble understands how it works, helping you to improve communication, safety and more

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Your Ultimate Guide for Choosing your Language Solution !

Your Ultimate Guide for Choosing your Language Solution TranslateAble

Have you ever considered that using language services for your event could have a positive impact, widening the reach of your event, be it face-to-face or online? 

We created a jam-packed guide with information about how a language solutions agency can help you:


  1. Create meaningful connections by speaking your audience’s languages.
  2. Delivering your intended message to their local markets.

Preferred and Recommended Supplier

  • CloserStill Media - Language Services for Business Events in the UK - TranslateAble

    “TranslateAble translated our speaker contracts, proceedings and presentations for one of our conferences in the veterinary industry from English to German. By going to TranslateAble, I knew that the work they would produce would be outstanding. Julia has put processes in place that guarantee a meticulous standard to TranslateAble’s work. There was not a single mistake in anything TranslateAble produced. I will always go to TranslateAble for any future translation work.”

    Naomi Hartnick
    Conference & Logistics Speaker Liaison
  • “Depuis 2015, je travaille avec Julia. Pour des raisons pratiques et juridiques, l’ensemble de nos échanges se font en français. Que soit à l’écrit ou à l’oral, Julia s’exprime avec un français irréprochable, riche en vocabulaire usuel et technique. Ses compétences sont un atout au quotidien et elles ont permis une fluidité de travail remarquable. Fort de la confiance liée à ces années de collaboration, c’est en toute confiance que je peux recommander Julia.”

    David Augugliaro
    Responsable Commercial, GL
  • Live Union - Language Services for Business Events in the UK - TranslateAble

    “TranslateAble have provided extremely quick, efficient and professional translation services for our upcoming virtual event in Mandarin, Spanish and French. Julia was able to accommodate our continually changing schedule and requirements to deliver accurate and competitively-priced translations and SRT files within very short time frames.”

    Account Director
  • PSP Language Services for the Global Event Industry - TranslateAble

    “I’ve utilised TranslateAble’s services recently.  It was very demanding and a quick turnaround requirement. Julia didn’t hesitate and ensured we had what we required with the required time limits. I have recommended her to my whole team.”

    Exhibition Director
  • Ways & Means - Language Services for Business Events in the UK - TranslateAble

    “When I needed my manual translated from English into Finnish, there was only one option I would consider and that was TranslateAble.  The team’s knowledge of the exhibition industry saved me countless hours of questions going back and forth.  The understanding of the terminology and nuances that were used within the manual was a massive benefit to me.  The team even went above and beyond, looking and advising on the relevant health & safety legislation I needed to include within that manual…It was an absolute pleasure working with the team and I would strongly recommend using them.”

    Director, Ways & Means
  • PSP Language Services for the Global Event Industry - TranslateAble

    “I’ve worked with TranslateAble many times over the last few years, making use of their transcription services. They are really easy to work with! The documents they produce are always accurate and (equally importantly) on time. This ensures our clients are happy.”

    Tamlyn Jones
    Project Manager
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