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About Our Founder

TranslateAble was founded by Julia Danmeri, a language lover with almost 20 years of global event industry experience, who decided to combine over 25 years of language study with event operations experience to provide linguistic expertise that supports the event industry and all its players.

Julia’s love of languages budded at a young age, growing up in a multi-lingual household where Ukrainian, Russian and English were spoken.  Her enthusiasm for languages grew from there.  She has a BA Honours degree in Spanish and Russian Studies, a French (Institut Français) and Spanish Institute (Instituto Cervantes) language certification and is studying towards an MA in Translation Studies.  Julia also has practical experience as a translator, having volunteered for various organisations including United Nations Human Rights and Prison Insider.

Julia had the opportunity to combine languages and events when she began working in the event industry.  In Julia’s past life as a global Operations Director, she successfully built and developed a multi award-winning global operations team of 30 people of all nationalities, in offices all over the world.  This not only allowed her to use her language skills practically, but also allowed her to build her global network.

During her time in events, Julia sourced, contracted and managed the services she is now offering as TranslateAble.  Julia has grown a team of linguists within the TranslateAble language agency to provide services in any language to the event and exhibition industry.  Between them, they help companies and individuals communicate with their communities globally, through expert language services and translation.

TranslateAble is a member of the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) and the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), abiding by their codes of conduct.


Why Choose US?

Empathy and communication

Events is one of the most rewarding but also challenging industries there is. It’s only achievable when your supply chain is robust.  We totally understand that and want to make life easy for you.  We will work collaboratively with you, ensuring we understand and respect your needs and make the process as seamless as possible for you.


We will sweat the small stuff with you.  We’ll agonise over the tiny details.  See us as an extension of you team and count on us to deliver the brief on time and in budget.

People matter

Everyone is unique and we celebrate that.  Whether you are a client, a translator, a supplier: you matter to us.  A business cannot run without all the cogs!  We want to make sure that every interaction with us, no matter who you are, leaves you with a warm glow.

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Ultimate Guide for Choosing your Language Solution

Ultimate-Guide-Choosing-Language-Solution-TranslateAble-Event with TranslateAble

Have you ever considered that using language services for your event could have a positive impact, widening the reach of your event, be it face-to-face or online? 


We created a jam-packed guide with information about how a language solutions agency can help you create meaningful connections by speaking your audience’s languages and delivering your intended message to their local markets.


Download it here today!